Welcome Bidders! 

My name is Maria Miccoli. I am CEO of ClosedBid.com and I invite you to participate in a new (at this time beta tested) way of making a purchase. Unlike many auctions, your participation is strictly confidential. You will be identified by the personal data you provide (like your name, email address, phone number and shipping address) as well as your location data (like your IP address) which will help us keep this auction as fair as possible. 

We have added several customized features for both your enterainment and to help you in your purchasing decisions.  


 I am looking forward to having fun with you and hope you love shopping as much as I do!




Maria Miccoli

CEO/CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Sister Media / Publiation Techno



CLOSEDBID.COM is a Sealed Bid Auction Site



Useful information

  1. This is a sealed bid auction.
  2. Seller reserves the right to refuse unqualified bids.
  3. Highest qualified bidder wins item and will be notified.
  4. Winning bidder has 5 business days from notification/invoice date to pay the invoice in full.
  5. Item will be shipped once payment has been processed.
  6. Failure to pay for winning item may result in bidder being banned.
  7. Then, the second highest qualified winner will be notified as being the new winning bidder, etc.
  8. We reserve the right to remove the item from bidding list or to relist at a later time at our discretion.
  9. Most payment options accepted including Paypal, Stripe, SquareUp and major credit cards, E-transfers etc at our discretion. For fraud prevention, we reserve the right to request additional information or refuse payment if we suspect fraud.
  10. Shipping,handling and insurance extra.
  11. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery at the latest.
  12. You may be asked to complete a survey in order for us to improve our service. 
  13. By signing up as a bidder, you agree to receive emails or postal mail with additional information of our offerings, surveys, and newsletters.
  14. We will never sell your information to 3rd party companies.